Netizen's major concern over Sueh Owino cooking a turkey


• She has been giving ladies sleepless nights every time she has posted videos of her cooking for her husband.

Sueh Owino
Image: Instagram

Sueh Owino's 427th episode has gotten the trolls, the haters, and those who appreciate her content all buzzing!

This time round she has raised her already lofty standards a notch higher...BIGGER! When I say bigger I mean she went for a whole a$$ turkey.

The TikToker first posted a picture of her holding the turkey without clarifying what was up and people went overboard guessing what she was up to.

But wait no more, in an update that she released a few hours after her initial post, the petite content creator revealed what many enterprising folks might have surmised.

She was indeed cooking a turkey! The video made many people go wild because Sueh didn't use any shortcuts and skinned the bird herself!

Talk about dedication! She then proceeded to air-dry the bird by hanging it for about 20 hours raising many questions among Kenyans online.

The main concern was how she had slaughtered it and whether she had triggered its defense mechanism that would cause the meat to become poisonous.

Another point of contention for Kenyans (mostly women it must be said) is the extent to which she goes to prepare the meals. 

Her videos have made men pine for women like Sueh while most ladies are unhappy that she is setting unrealistic standards for them, that they can't possibly meet.

Read some of those reactions below;

bilha♥️♒♒: I can no longer catch up to this. I have given up!!!😭😭😭I can't even slaughter a chicken,SAA hii tuko turkey? let me just stick to washing the house

kerubo 🇹🇷🇩🇰: shetani akiendelea kupita please guys mniweke kwa maombi😅me and my husband we are looking for a wife agently

Catrina Njoroge: for hundred time am asking kwani bwanako ni carnivorous?? you guys mtatukula 😁hiyo nyama iliisha nikuje nioje ❤️

Two N words@TiMkiMM69: The government should intervene on this issue & force sue to cook for us, one man can't enjoy all these foods alone

Wa wairimu@Wawairimu254: Yaani huyu mwanaume anakula hivi na hapei Sue wetu mimba atulie kidogo?? Huyu wangu na ni cabbage daily saa hii tuko 3 under three family planning ni pregnancy...

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