The tiktokers latest video cooking a sumptous meal for her husband has many in awe

Tiktoker Sueh Owino stuns after cooking under ground baked goat leg for her husband

• Sue cooks fresh meals everyday

• Her latest meal has left many dumbfounded

sueh owino courtesy
sueh owino courtesy

Tit toker Sue Owino is a Kenyan woman who trends for cooking sumptuous meals for her husband everyday.

The daily tasks are so time consuming, that netizens can't fail but to praise her.

Her latest video has won her praises after she made her husband  an underground baked goat leg.

The whole process took her two days.

 Her reason for cooking the leg is her husband had requested for her to cook something 'organic'.

 'You remember when my husband wanted me to make something organic? Well, here we go!' she captions it

She seasons the meat and lets it marinate for 24 hours.

The following day while we think she will pop it in the oven, Sueh goes outside to their shamba where maize is planted, and digs a huge hole with a jembe.

Sue places stones around the perimeter fo the hole, collects leaves and lights a fire.

Kenyans have been blown away by how expertly the firewood is placed as she begins to grill the meat.

She covers the meat in banana leaves and adds foil paper. The meat is put into the pit and another huge paper covers it.

5 hours later, the meat is dug from the pit, to check the progress. It is ready and the family feasts away.

Female fans are left in disbeleif that a woman can got to such an extent of cooking, while men are left wondering why their wives can't do the same.

lisanatnice: Si mimi na my husband tukuoe😂😂😂

alexayieko:If your husband cheats on you...we shall beat him and give him a life sentence. Yaani nipate bibi kama huyu hata nguvu ya kumcheza itatoka wapi

kiarie_blessed: 😂😂😂😂😂😂weeeh,kama hio ndio kukuwa wife material nitachorea hiyo stori

desturi_yetu_homes: Mpaka unazika nyama? Lol… sioni tukikufikia sisi

_just.keah: Sue!! Do you want another husband? Asking for a friend 😅


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