Brian Chira addresses distasteful viral video with veeerrry surprising answer

• The content creator has been in the news over a shocking viral clip that trended on Twitter.

Brian Chira
Image: Instagram

Brian Chira trended this past weekend when a video of his went viral over what seemed to be the TikToker unclothing himself.

Now the controversial and ever-in-the-news content creator has addressed the video and has come out to flatly deny being the person in the video.

During an interview with YouTuber Presenter Ali, Chira was incredulous that his names was being dragged in the mad.

"Chira...Mimi? Nilifanya nini? Mimi? Do you know what you're talking about?"

Presenter Ali humoured him and tried to coax the truth out of Chira by describing the disgusting things that his 'look-alike' had done in the video.

But that didn't work too, which forced Ali to directly ask Chira to swear that it wasn't him, something he did without a single shame or pause.

"I swear that was not me! I swear that was not me! Mimi! Ali!"

He then went on to tell Ali that he had no idea who the man who closely resembled Chira was. Watch the video below;

Kenyans were quick to comment about his denial. Read some of the comments below;

iambrandiee Spoiler Alert; He wasn’t even the one at presenter Ali’s interview 😂😂😂

_oduor001 He's clout chasing bana😂

soshii._mluyha Unabishana nn😂😢usapanick😂

_gloriachela😂😂 Student wa shaggy huyu

imtheplussizequeen Disgusting

ngariii1 Hata na evidence kataa

_the_smatah Ako mavitu

lincolngram._Aty suit😂😂

manu So ni budake ama? Aache kutupima

For those who might not be in the loop, Brian has been a trending topic on Twitter (X App) following the virality of a video he recorded while on Instagram Live.

Chira shocked many when he undressed and started doing unpleasant things on live camera.

The act angered many- with a section calling for immediate punishment from the photo-sharing platform as far as Chira’s account is concerned.

Other Twitter users argued that Chira was not okay mentally and that he really needed help.

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