Kibe and Krg mock each other over anticipated friendly boxing match

•Kibe and Krg in preparation for their bout

kibe and Krg courtesy
kibe and Krg courtesy

Singer Krg The Don and social commentator Andrew Kibe have set a date for their much-anticipated boxing match.

The date is Aug. 10 at KICC. 

The two have been having a go at each other ever since they let it be known that they intend to combat each other.

Krg on his part has been training hard in the gym to build muscle.

Msani wa President told Kibe "Jipange mzee Kibe wewe tarehe kumi mambo itakuwa mbaya sana" he warned.

Kibe on his part, mocked the Mambo Imechmeka hit maker saying it should be a cage fight 

"I'm thinking of changing it to MMA so that I can pipinya him  proper, the lesson about to be taught here will never be forgotten" 

The famous online personalities have been going at each other since 2023, when Kibe mentioned him severally in his videos criticizing the singer, as he weighed in on his lifestyle.

Krg hit back and swore to have a meet if ever Kibe returns to Kenya. 

The two join a host of international celebrities who have stepped into the ring.

Kim Kardashian in 2009 did a celebrity boxing match for charity .

Canada Peime Minister Justin truedeau in 2012 thrilled fans as he punched his opponent.

Idris Elba in 2016 in a documentary on Discovery UK series, impressed netizens as he showed how he trained for a year in Thailand leading up to the match. 

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