Kate Actress gives Churchill Ndambuki reason Phil Karanja didn't like her at first

• The ex-couple got married 6 years ago and has been the dream for many as far as modern relationships go.

Kate Actress and Phil Karanja
Image: Instagram

Kenyans have been left in shock at the news that one of Kenya's most admired couples-Kate Actress and Phil Karanja were going their separate ways.

This has prompted the public to go back into the rolodex of past videos that feature anything that might give some more insight into who the ex-couple is.

One of those trending videos is a Nation TV interview that she did in December 2021 with Churchill Ndambuki where she spoke about how the two had initially met.

"Funnily enough we never used to like each other."

"Why?" Churchill quickly asked. "He thought I was too much. The ah-ah too much! He knew I was talented but alikuwa anashangaa...yaani huyu dame! Aubuhi tukona hangover. Sina lines na ni yeye anadirect. Anashindwa these guys (me and my cousin) what is their problem?"

"That is Nyambura on the show?" Churchill inquires about the cousin. "Yes, Tina on the show. So alikuwa anashindwa like these two...they are not seriously like this."

Churchill Ndambuki with Kate Actress
Image: Courtesy

Before adding,

"Kama ungemwambia that this will be you wife...Ahhhh angekata! So heri ikae, lakini alianza kunidirect."

The two announced their separation on 19th September in a joint statement of them parting ways.

The y got married in 2017 in a white wedding at the Windsor Hotel and went to Seychelles for their honeymoon.

During the 6-year marriage, they had one child together which was definitely one of the marriages that inspired many and was admired by many.

The two kept their personal lives private even though netizens had suspected that they had broken up early this year but they dismissed the rumours through a video they posted together.

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