The comic skit is a hilarious representation of how the couple met

Rib-cracking video of how Kate Actress and Phil 'met' trending for obvious reasons

• She pretends to have been injured to catch his attention.

Phil Karanja with Kate Actress
Image: Instagram

A comic TikTok skit of Kate Actress and Phil Director meeting for the first time is trending online a day after the pair announced they had formally ended their marriage.

The video on her TikTok channel was shared on the 17th of November 2021. It has attracted lots of comments from netizens speculating further about the end of their marriage.

In the clip, Kate walks in front of a man wearing gym clothes, as he simps trying to call her.

"Excuse madam, hi," he says as he runs to catch up with her.

Kate expresses frustration with his cat-calling but slows down to allow him to catch up.

"Cheki, kidogo tuu one second," he begs her while she throws her hands up to show she is annoyed.

"Argh," she is heard saying.

"Pole basi," Phil tells her. He then presses the remote to his car and she turns around to see a white Mercedes Benz and she then realises what a 'catch' he is.

She then pretends her leg is hurt "Woi woi" she screams in pain to get his attention. She continues to feign pain and drops her gym bag.

The film director runs towards her and helps lift her right leg. "Are you okay?" he asks her as her anxiety increases.

Kate pleads with him to help her out and he obliges, holding her by her waist as she limps to his Mercedes.

"Oh my God is this your car?" she asks him to let her sit inside to cool off from the pain.

Phil then notices that Kate has forgotten she had injured her foot because she runs to the driver's seat of the Mercedes, "We we we ni nini? Kwani ushapona? We tunawajua sana, hebu jiondoee," he dismisses her and enters his vehicle.

Kate gets upset at his realization that she was faking her pain. "Kwenda uko, na ni gari ya loan. Enda ulipe loan, nonsense," she bitterly complains.

Watch the video below;

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