Kwambox reveals 1st salary and how it hilariously 'vanished' instantly

•Kwambox is a radio presenter at Kiss 100 FM

Sheila Kwamboka.
Image: Instagram/Sheila Kwamboka.

Kiss FM breakfast show host and super MC Kwambox has revealed that her first salary was a whole Sh.60,000.

The vibrant media personality made the revelation during a series of quickfire stories with Mpasho's reporter Kalondu Musyimi.

"How much was your first salary and what did you spend it on?" Kalondu excitedly asked Kwambox. "My first salary was 60k," the radio host revealed.

On what she did with the said money Kwambox hilariously revealed that her friends had eaten the money and that had been a norm for a while.

"Mbogi ilikula my first salary! Mbogi ilikula man. You know I remember because I used to do modeling gigs, I'd get paid you know we were usually given envelope bam the whole cash. Kumbe guys are waiting for me in the club like they are confident enough they have already ordered drinks, they have ordered food they are eating while I'm working.

So I finish the gig I carry the cash I go to pay bills at the table, so yeah pesa yangu mimi na mbogi tulikula," Kwambox hilariously narrated.

The radio host went on to reveal that her least favorite meal is matumbo and mutura which she totally detests.

"I don't eat mutura and mimi do not come for me I don't like mutura, na sipendi vitu kama matumbo,"Kwambox shared emphasizing her dislike with the above mentioned meals.

On what her favorite meal was then Kwambox excitedly revealed that she totally fancied sea food and her fridge never lacks salmon.

"I love sea food... napenda salmon. So I'm just catching up because I had a fish allergy for the longest time my fridge doesn't lack fish. I like tilapia and salmon," the Kiss FM presenter happily revealed.

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