"It tastes dirty..."Yummy Mummy on eating mutura for 1st time ever!


One of the most popular street foods in this country is, mutura or the African sausage for those in need of the English name.

Ordinary mutura is made with tripe (matumbo), blood, offal (and sometimes mincemeat), while some people modernise the delicacy by adding flavours such as onions, tomatoes, chili and dhania.

Most people have either tried or are loyal customers of the cheaper food variant of other barbequed foods in our hotels and drinking joints.

Murugi Munyi or Yummy Mummy, the name that most people know her by is one of the few people in Kenya that had never tried mutura until this past weekend!

Yep, the mother of 3 revealed this fact this past weekend in a post she made on her Instagram page. So did she enjoy it? Yep, but she didn't exactly give the food that was one of Kenya's most famous exports a ringing endorsement, saying, "Mutura smells funny, tastes dirty but sio mbaya."

While people might not be happy with her half-hearted praise,  I don't really blame her. Mutura is an acquired taste for people not raised on it.

It is not cleaned according to standards that would pass in most first-world countries,, something that accounts for the smell and smell. 

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