Jackie Matubia reveals in vivid detail whether she will allow Blessing to be in his daughter's life?


• The ex-couple has a daughter together and broke up early this year.

Blessing Lung'aho with Jackie Matubia
Image: Instagram

Actress Jackie Matubia has responded to a fan who asked if she would allow  Blessing Lung'aho, her lastborn's dad to be involved in her life the same way the father of her first daughter, Zari is in her life.

"Will you allow Baba Zendaya to be in his daughter's life? Just like Baba Zari?" the fan asked during a Q&A session that the Salem cast member had started on her InstaStories.

Jackie responded on her Instastories saying; "First of all you give a chance to fathers who are interested, like the first thing is if the father is interested in the child first. Well, I think I have answered your question." 

Another fan asked if Zendaya's father is helping her raise the kid. Interestingly she didn't respond but rather tellingly the background song playing in the video was Reuben Kigame's 'Bwana Huniachi'. (Mwenye macho haambiwi angalia)

Another question that came up was how she felt being a single mum of 2 and whether she would openly share her next relationship with the public.

The chocolate-skinned mom of 2 admitted that she hadn't reached there yet for she was taking time to heal,

"Am good, my kids are good, that's all that matters for me and sijafika hapo when it comes to my healing process and my moving on process niko at who I want to be and my kids' healing process."

The ex-couple broke up early this year and it seems like it wasn't a peaceful break-up judging from the things that Jackie has been posting online since April. 

Image: Courtesy

In the past, Matubia revealed that the first time she met Lung'aho was in a South B street where each had gone to attend a television interview.

Later on, the two would be cast mates on the Citizen TV series, Zora which ended two years ago.

After the show ended, the two continued their relationship and took it to another level when they announced that they were expecting a child together.

Blessing would later propose in a beautiful and well-publicised event with Jackie giving birth a few months later.

They later broke up in early 2023 with Matubia giving hints that things weren't OK when she didn't celebrate him on Father's Day.

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