Jackei Matubia says "I've got a job, money, aint nobody cheating on me"

Jackie Matubia's strong hint why she is single

• The mother of two is currently bringing up her two daughters alone.

• Jackie and baby daddy Blessing Lungaho broke up a couple months ago

Jackie Matubia
Image: Instagram

Actress Jackie Matubia says life is good, and she can't complain.

The mother of two in a video providing an update about her life used a popular tiktok audio to say that no one is stressing her

"I got money, I've got a job, aint nobody cheating on me," she told

The actress was a day ago forced to respond to claims she had reunited with her baby daddy after he posted a picture with a woman standing behind him.

The woman's hands were covering Blessing's eyes. Comments suggested people were happy they were back together.

All we saw was the manicure of the mystery woman. He captioned the mysterious woman

"Walisema 'love is blind' lakini mimi niliona perfect match wangu pale #HelloMrRightKe. Sasa Saturday nights itakuwanga to... and chill, me and my lady tukiwatch @drofweneke na @diana_bahati wakisaidia more ladies wapate Mr. Right."

This led to heavy speculation that it was Jackie.

She appeared online to show off her manicure to dispel rumors she was back with her husband.

She told him off for clout chasing.

"Can you compare these nails to those ones, please? I don't involve myself in content mbaya. Gai ata maua ya 300 bob haiwezi nunuliwa to just do content wanachukua ya vase. Nikomeni."

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