How Selena Gomez innocently stole the show at the VMAs

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• The musician is an American musician and a winner at the MTV Music Video Awards 2023.

Selena Gomez
Image: Instagram

Over the years American musician Selena Gomez has always stolen the show at the MTV Music Video Awards and this year she did not disappoint.

It's either Selena loves being the centre of attention or she just knows how to draw people's attention effortlessly toward her.

The music star went bigger than ever in this year's show starting from her amazing clothesline collection that highlighted how big of a star she is.

She arrived at the event dressed in a beautiful red floral dress that exposed a little too much of her body but still made her look decent and fashionable.

Selena had already been the topic of discussion and trending on social media platforms before the event officially started.

As the event continued, she made her presence even known to the world due to all of her expressions for the celebrities that she either hated or adored.

Some of the celebrities that received love she openly clapped at them, while the ones she hatted made disgusted and shocked facial expressions.

The musician was sitting alongside MVA Afrobeats winner Nigeria musician Rema and made it look like she was forcing Rema to play along with her act.

Although she claimed that was her natural behaviour and people shouldn't judge her, the musician was a bit extra.

Below are some of the things she did during the event that made her the topic of discussion.

1) Selena and Rema recreate the Calm Down cover song.

In a photo, Selena Gomez is seen lying on Rema's shoulder just the same way the cover of their Calm Down remix.

2) Selena's disgusted facial expressions towards Chris Brown's announcement as a nominee for best RnB

 Selena appeared to be disappointed that Chris Brown was nominated for the award. Below is a video of her reaction.

3) Selena's disappointed face to not seeing the best RnB award winner SZA.

4) Her reaction towards Stray Kids's performance

 She is seen covering her ears during the performance of musicians Stray Kids performance.

5) Selena's fashionable clothesline at the awards.

 Selena Gomez got a chance to showcase that she only dresses to impress and never disappoints in any of her clothesline designs. Below is how she dressed at the awards.

Selena Gomez fashionable styles
Selena Gomez fashionable styles

Below is a video that highlights almost all of her reactions during the show. 

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