Mike Sonko's warning to ladies tattooing his name & face on their private parts


• Mike Sonko finally responds to ladies who drew his face on their private parts .

Mike Sonko and Mary Njoki's tattoo

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has finally broken his silence after a viral video and photo of a lady who got his face tattooed on her thigh. 

For the past few days, Mary Njoki has been the talk of the town after going public with Sonko's tattoo on her thighs.

"Nampenda, vile anasaidia watu, na akuna mtu naona anamrudishia shukrani, nikaona nimchore kama shukrani."

"Alisaidia my aunt time Sinai kulichomeka, na nampenda sana, sana so nikaona acha nimchore," Mary on why she got the Tatoo.

In a quick rejoinder, Sonko reacted to the viral photo saying he appreciates the love portrayed in the act of getting his face and name tattooed by different people on their bodies.

"I have seen a lady from Murang’a who has tattooed me on her thighs, another one on her buttocks, it's okay, I appreciate it. You are my loyal supporters and I love you," Sonko said in part. 

However, the former County boss asked her loyal fans to abstain from drawing tattoos of his face or names on their bodies.

"But please, I will still love you without the tattoos, because your body is yours with husband, and God. However, I will look for the phone number of the Murang’a lady, we meet and see how I can help her in life because she is my loyal supporter," 

The former governor expressed his appreciation to the loyal supporters and promised to meet them at a later date.

"But please I appreciate you the way you are so please refrain from drawing my name/face on your body. Don’t please me with tattoos," he said.

(But please, nitawapenda bila matattoos because mwili yako ni yako, ya bwana yako na , na Mungu.)

He also extends his gratitude by being willing to meet Mary, who's one of the ladies, and help her in any way that he can.

"So, I would like to meet the Murang'a lady and get to know why she drew the tattoo and also give her a hug as requested," Sonko added. 

Sonko continuously insists on the body's privacy and that the ladies should stop drawing his tattoos on their bodies.

In the video, he also shows his disappointment with the parts of the bodies that the ladies are drawing the tattoos - he doesn't like that they choose to draw in places that are private. 

"Don’t please me with tattoos," Sonko warned. 

The former governor opens the scripture to point out how our bodies are the Temple of God.

"1st Corinthians 6:19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; You were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies."

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