One of the most common ways to monetize your content is by receiving virtual gifts from your followers

Peter Miracle Baby and Carol Katrue defend their tiktok gifts from drunkards

• Carol Katrue and Peter Miracle Baby often blasted for begging
• They address the criticism about tiktok gifts

Miracle baby and girlfriend Carol Katrue expecting a baby (photo)
Miracle baby and girlfriend Carol Katrue expecting a baby (photo)
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Mugithi and genge singers Peter Miracle Baby and Carol Katrue are monetizing their content on TikTok thanks to the love from their loyal fans.

However, this has landed them criticism from a cross-section of Kenyans who feel it is wrong for celebrities to go on these apps and beg for money.

Katrue and Peter have defended their actions in an interview with YouTuber Mungai Eve.

According to the pair, earning gifts on TikTok Live encourages them to keep interacting with their fans.

Katrue said

"By the way mi sistukangi, they call me Gold Mine when I log on"

Peter agrees noting

"Can I tell you something? Why would gifts be there if the App didn't want them there? Lakkni juu zinafaa kupeanwo, ndo maana ziko hapo, so sioni big deal"

To earn TikTok gifts, you need to create original content and eventually, once other users start liking your content, go live and interact with your followers.

The mugithi singers said their live sessions have created an avenue for people rejected on other platforms to interact

"Unajua ubaya ni uingie uweke number uanze kuitisha. And anyway, asking for gifts is not bad, si you are also human? I don't see the big deal.

Mi sionangi big deal na watu we ni celeb uko mtandao na sijui unacheza dares, mi tunaingianga na tunacheza match na Peter. wesema naomba." Peter also insisted that they do not force their fans to gift them. they insisted it was generous fans rewarding them for their content.

"Those who ask do so for those who can donate, si mwenye hana, those without are the ones who complain, if you do not want to remove keep quiet," they shouted.

They host live shows every day from midnight to 4 am.

Their audience? "drunkards"

"It is also a show to educate. When people come there wanaelimishana coz at the end of the day let me tell you connection 90 percent unaptatana kwa club si church, na hiyo ni life, so that's why I call this show home pub, iliconnection mingi ifnyike kwa hii club," Peter explains some more

Carol said,

"Kenyans have this mentality that because you are a celeb you should not ask for help, mimi nikufe njaa na kuna gift Tiktok nitaaitisha."

They wouldn't disclose how much money they make on TikTok live gifts.

One of the most common gifts used to tip creators is a rose which is worth 1 TikTok coin.

You can only send TikTok gifts to users who have more than 1000 followers and there should be 18 or above. Also, the gifts have to be brought in the app’s in-house currency (TikTok coins).

Other Kenyan creators who loved and gifted heavily on TikTok live are Nyako and Brian Chira.

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