Meet Tiktoker Pilot 'Nyako' Niako taking over the platform by storm

Meet Pilot Niako aka Nyako


• Nyako is a Kenyan who lives in Germany with her husband and son.

• She is notorious for picking fights with Tiktok followers and users who try to go at her in her live sessions.

If you are a frequent Tiktok user you have definitely heard of Tiktok user Pilot Niako.

Popularly known as "Nyako' which means girl in the Luo dialect.

She is a Kenyan who lives in Germany with her husband and son.

She is one Tiktoker who has made Kenyan's Tiktok experience memorable from the way she does her videos. 

When you follow Nyako you have to tread carefully on the comments and choice of words used on her page.

She is notorious for picking fights with her Tiktok followers and users who try to go after her.

The famous sounds "Unaniadress na oppo" and "zima iyo tekno"  were sounds Kenyans picked from her Tiktok lives where she is usually addressing someone.

She is a very vocal and loud lady and doesn't go down without a fight.

Casually she holds her live sessions in her kitchen where at times she is flaunting her gadgets as she calls them or her son and sometimes even her husband.

Nyako does not take negative comments lightly and would be very quick to pick on negative comments.

Woe unto you if you try comparing her with any Kenyan celebrities.

If you fall on her bad graces she will drag your name and you will be left questioning why you exist or you chose to comment.

She has had issues with some of the popular Tiktoker's like Azziad Nasenya, Chokuu ,Hannah Benta, and Becky.

Here are some of the comments usually left by her tiktok fans.

Diva.D Anytime you come across Nyako please be ready with an earphone or else utajipata umepigisha simu yako kwa ukuta juu ya ***

humblebrayo we love you nyako continue speaking the truth hadi ieleweke🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Gloria Nyako is the only luo live that is real and make sense pthoo

dadaye everytime I see this lady,,, earphones pap kwa maskio😂😂😂

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