Bensoul's baby mama: Never feel bad for taking someone's bae

• Tifanny Muikamba and Bensoul conceived while the singer was dating Noni Gathoni. 

baby mama, Tiffany Wanjiru
Tiffany Muikamba baby mama, Tiffany Wanjiru
Image: Mpasho

Tiffany Wanjiru Muikamba has shared an eye-brow-raising Instagram story. The mother of one seemed to believe that there isn't a problem with 'snatching' someone's lover.

"Never feel bad for taking someone's partner. You deserve to be happy too," she shared.

Tiffany shares a daughter with singer Bensoul. She and the singer have in the past made headlines as the 'Nairobi' hitmaker was dating Noni Gathoni when they conceived.

Speaking to Mpasho last year, Tiffany said she became sick when the news of her being impregnated by the singer leaked.

"I had to go to the emergency room because my blood pressure was so high and I even had ulcers. I almost had a miscarriage, after that, I knew I had to be strong for this baby. Anytime anyone says anything about this baby I know it is just words," she said.

"It was really hard at first, accepting and hearing that people know about it. My auntie told me that I don't have to put everything everyone says into my head because I am the only one who knows myself."

People actually hoping that I miscarry and telling me that I should die... For me, it is the audacity for someone to judge another. I do not want to play the victim but I do not think people should have opinions on the lives of others," she shared.

Recently, Bensoul revealed he was single, meaning he had broken up with his long-time girlfriend Gathoni.

“Ilifika mahali hakuna mapenzi. Sisi sote tuna furaha sasa. Hakuna haja ya kulazimisha kitu mhangaike baadaye,” he told radio personality Massawe Jappani.

“Mahusiano yaliisha tu. Unajua mapenzi huisha. Nina raha vile niko single. Kazi yangu sasa ni muziki wangu na kulea binti yangu,” he added.

“Kuachana kuliniongeza nguvu ya kufanya zaidi. Hakukuniathiri. Mimi ndiye nilimaliza mambo,” he said.

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