Types of comedy you didn't know existed

Comedy comes in many forms and there are variations.


• There are different ways of delivering comedic performances that determine the type of comedian you are.

Comedy just like any other form has variations of art and it is done in different ways.

It is usually performed in different ways to be able to tell stories differently and amuse the audiences.

Here are some of the variations of comedy that exist:

1. Stand Up Comedy

These are comedy shows that do not have any time limit allocated to them.

The performances are characterized by short humorous pieces, short jokes and one liners.

It is usually performed live in front of an audience and one can use props or music to be able to deliver their comedy but very few people use them.

Stand up comedy is characterized by the following elements:

  • More Improv, Less rehearsed
  • Mostly one person(sometimes two)
  • Artist normally talks about personal experience but exaggerates it a lot
  • Audience participation; direct interaction with audience(using relatable themes)
  • Stereotypical jokes
  • Limited use of tech(lights, set, costume etc.)
  • Play lots of characters(act-outs)
  • Based on an overall theme

2. Sketch Comedy

This involves, two or more performers acting out particular comedic scenes on a stage.

They are usually well rehearsed shows and do not use improv.

Sketch Comedy is characterized by the following elements:

  • Stage Props
  • Lighting and Sound
  • Less Improv, More rehearsed 
  • Uses Relatable Themes
  • They Can Sit :P
  • Usually you play only one character throughout
  • One plot line
  • Often there is a director
  • Generally two or more people

3. Improvisational Comedy

This involves the comedians improvising their comedic lines or scripts on spot.

There are long forms of improv and short forms of improv.

You can also chose to react to statements or words that are thrown at you by the audience and create funny scenes from it.

Here are some of the elements of Improv comedy:

  • It is spontaneous.
  • It requires collaboration among multiple people.
  • Scenes can evolve over.
  • It focuses primarily on creating comedic moments through playfulness.

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