Hilarious TikToker explains the struggles of owning an iPhone

He highlighted the disadvantages of using an Iphone over an android.


• TikTok user went on a rant on how he believed using an Iphone was so disadvantageous in certain situations over an android phone.

Tiktoker Mike

A TikTok user by named Mike has put up a video on his page that made tongues wag after the young man lamented about the struggles he faces as an iPhone user.

It is very unheard of to ever hear anyone saying the disadvantages of using an iPhone and furthermore compare it to an Android phone.

But the Tiktoker starts the video by saying he thought that using an iPhone would be all cool until he started using it.

"The struggles I have gone through with that phone it even ended up cracking not because I was clumsy but because of how frustrated I was with that phone."

The young man then goes ahead to list the challenges he has had to face in quite a humorous manner.

The first thing he listed was that even with all the struggles you can never go back to having an Android once you buy an iPhone.

"You are always up and about looking for a charger, a cable to charge your phone and people don't have and that's not even the worst part."

Mike then goes on to lament that the low battery charge of an iPhone cannot even help you to communicate or seek help in times of crisis.

Unlike an Android having even 5% can last you even for something like 20 to 3o minutes before it dies on you.

People took to console him in the comments some with sarcastic comments about iPhone users and others telling him the best androids to use.

Here are some of the comments left on the video:

4 doors more hoes❤️pleaseTo my Charger that became a vital body part of me 😭😭😭😭

Victoria ❤️If you must use an Android, go for Samsung and thank me later😂❤️

swisheksueFinally 😂😂someone has talked about it 😂😭😭watu hudhani kukuwa na iPhone ni luxury 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️if only…

juliuswanjiru1i thought having an i phone is an achievement untill i owened it weuhe i had to give it to my mum am now enjoying sumsung they said nimesota nkauza

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