Jalang'o educates content creators over 15% tax proposal

Jalango says the show off lifestyle reason for 15 per cent tax proposal on content creators

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Jalang'o says it's hard to defend beginners when all they do is flaunt cash.
• MPs have used rate cards to propose the Tax.

Image: Instagram

Jalango has come out to tell content creators that they may have themselves to blame for the 15 percent tax proposal contained in the Finance Bill.

Taking to JTV, Jalas said

"A quick conversation with my fellow content creators they told me they are not planning or willing to pay.

There is s a protest coming up, one of them being led by my very good friend Eric Omondi, who is also up in arms that content creators should not pay the 15 percent tax."

Jalango told his fans that he tried to convince MPs that content creators don't have money that would enable them to pay the proposed 15 percent tax.

"Here is my take on how you people got yourself into this mess.

How do I convince the Government or the people who do not understand content creation that you don't have money and you are not able to pay the 15 percent tax, when what you show out there is that you are millionaires?

These are some of the things I was being asked when we were going through content creators pages." The Langata MP explained in the video.

He was asked for instance how Oga Obinna has turned 33 and gifted himself a VW Toureg 2017/18/19 costing 5-6m.

He tried to defend Obinnas lifestyle arguing Perhpas Oga had another hustle.

They didn't buy Jalango's explanation. The MPs also cited the case of Amber Ray who bragged she spends sh300k a day.

MPs also showed Eric Omondis IG where the last month Eric made more than sh10million from content creation.

He also gave the example of Mulamwah, and Jalango showed how he was eating githeri with millions on his plate.

"They showed me a couple of content creators. They showed me Bahati, who has cars and lives in a mega-mansion.

If you see Vincent MBoya who just the other day was asking for 18k to pay his rent, has bought a car and he has a wand of million that he is showing" Jalango went on to tell.


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