PAYE calculations published on local newspaper sets KOT on fire

According to the post someone earning Ksh50K was remaining with roughly 5,000 after the deductions.


• Kenyans react to PAYE calculations posted on Twitter.


Netizens on twitter were enraged at a publication made by a newspaper calculating someone's salary after the PAYE is deducted.

The newspaper was trying to show people how much they would be left with after all deductions proposed by the new finance bill are done .

From a salary of Sh50000, the individual was left with roughly Sh5,000.

Many people came out to express their frustration at the tweet and some said that PAYE doesn't make sense.

While others were lamenting that if the bill comes to pass then they will be in the same shoes as the person whose salary was used to calculate that.

They felt life was going to become more hard and unbearable with everything that is happening with the inflation in economy.

Here are some of the sentiments shared by people;

@TeacherGacharia: President Ruto & Rigathi Gachagua are preaching the housing finance bill gospel every day. If the National Assembly approves it, my Salary will be threatened. You deduct PAYE, house fund, Rent etc. I will only receive a net pay of around ksh5500. Ooh Mzee, Kenyans ni kubaya!

@Hylinee: The above calculation of PAYE is misleading. If NSSF contribution is 1080 ,taxable income would be Ksh 48,920 .Considering NHIF is 1620 ,insurance relief will be ksh 243 (15%) . PAYE to be deducted is Ksh 6,816.35

@MbaiAlfred: Hapo kwa food they’ve indicated unga, sugar and cooking oil. You still have veggies, salt etc. ama ni unga na maji ya sukari? Alafu remember tissue imepanda bei

@BarackWaluvengo: The math here isn’t mathing. Tax Relief is deducted after tax. Someone skipped Taxation 101.

@ChrisWahi: Inaitwa up- bottom wea everyone becomes a hustle

@kgitonga67: Cherera mazematics....aziminions and the media belong to the gutter. Million dollar question-of the 40million or so Kenyans what percentage are in employment? For this country to move we need to take care of the unemployed majority through such initiatives

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