Meet Coastarian who loves being Otile Brown's lookalike

Do they look alike? Man claims to resemble the famous singer

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• His fanbase has been showing him much love.

Meet the Coastarian who loves being Otile Browns lookalike
Meet the Coastarian who loves being Otile Browns lookalike

Otile Brown is enjoying musical success with new songs for his fans. If you haven't heard Sunina or Rockabye with Barnaba Classic, hop onto all digital platforms for the back-to-back hits.

Jacob Otieno Obunga is possibly the musician with the most loyal fanbase going to extreme lengths for him.

That extends to loyalists who go as far as tattooing their bodies with his images something we have also seen with Harmonize who shares whenever he is tagged at the things fans are doing.

Recently, a young girl went viral for the multiple tattoos she has of him saying how she would love to meet her and he did eventually take her out to dinner.

She was mind blown by the experience as he personally picked her up and shared details of their cute dinner date. Now another man who claims he is a lookalike has captured our interest.

The Otile Brown lookalike gushed over the celebrated musician who has lots of new music for his fans.

The man calling himself Tony Brown spoke to the YouTube channel Kloth Talk Show where he gushed over the Dusuma singer.

Tony loves fashion and his sense of style tries to emulate Otile as well. His shades and studs also copy Otile to the very last detail.

TonyBrown 254 is also from the Coast, pretty much like his idol born in the Coastal region.

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