Otile rewards zealous fan after her fanatical dedication went viral

The artist paid for her nails, hair and dinner outfit

• Kach caught the attention of Otile after she got 2 tattoos of the artist.

• Otile had promised to take her out on a date.

Otile Brown takes his super fan on a fancy dinner date

Kenyan award-winning artist Otile Brown has just proved he is indeed a man of his words.

Shortly after he landed back in the country from his international tour the award-winning artist made plans to meet with his super fan Kach girl who was trending for the better part of last week.

Reason? She got Otile's name tattooed twice on her body and released a love song dedicated to the artist.

Announcing he was going to meet his super fan as promised the CEO of Just In Love Music took to his Insta stories to show him getting read for the date.

"My word is my bond... even when the world is coming to an end. Kach Gly see you in a few," Otile wrote.

Following that, the 'Baby Love' crooner shared a video of the moment he and Kach finally met.

In the video, the young girl who is still in shock warmly embraces the artist as she tries to hold back tears.

They then proceed to board Otile's latest toy, the Range Rover Vogue before heading out to The Social House for their date.

Otile shared a few more pictures of them at the table enjoying their meal with a smitten Kach blushing her cheeks out.

Otile Brown takes super fan on an exquisite dinner date

Kach on her part shared a video of the lengths that the artist had gone to to ensure she felt like a princess before arriving for their date night.

The young girl shared a compilation of videos that saw her arriving at a spa and nail salon in a sleek silver BMW bring chauffeured by Otile's manager.

She then went on to enjoy a manicure session and a new hairdo. Afterwards, they went to a fancy boutique to shop for a perfect gown worthy of the evening.

Captioning the video Katch wrote, “Wueh! Thank you, Otile, for the pampering, I'm excited for our dinner date.” 

After their date night, Kach shared how overjoyed she was having her dream come true. She added this was her first ever date and it'd go down in history as one of her most memorable days.

“I am so happy to meet my crush. He is such a cute and romantic guy. Thank you so much. You are the first to take me on a dinner date and pamper me. I don’t know how to thank you. I have nothing to say but thank you,” Kach said.

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