Stevo Simpleboy drops new song calling out fake pastors

The artist also interceded for Kenyans for falling prey into gimmicks from fake pastors

•  The new song was inspired by the massacre at Shakahola forest

Stevo Simple Boy releases a new song calling out fake pastors following Shakahola massacare
Image: Instagram/Stevo Simple Boy.

Kenyan artist Stevo Simple Boy has dropped a new song dubbed Makasisi, weeks after pastor Paul Mackenzie and the Shakahola deaths rocked both local and international news.

In the song, Stevo who identifies as a gospel artist went on to cry about the current situation in Kenya involving fake pastors as he called out the so-called men of God.

Fake preachers weren't the only ones receiving verbal lashes from the artist though. He went on to call out Kenyans as well for believing in fake preachers and pastors, faulting them for not being vigilant enough/knowing the teachings to avoid being in such situations.

Stevo then proceeds to intercede for Kenyans as he asks God to forgive them for falling for fake gimmicks.

Making sure the message behind his latest release wasn't lost the "Freshi Barida" hit maker starts off his video with the sound of the old vulnerable lady who was rescued by the police from the Shakahola forest while hiding and fasting.

The old granny could be heard crying out, "Yesu, waangalie watu wako wananiua Baba, wananiua (Jesus Christ look at your people Your people are killing me oh father,"

Stevo then proceeds to call out fake pastors for "dirtying" the gospel and taking advantage of the gospel by enriching themselves at the expense of the congregants. The new song currently boasts with over 51k views, over 7.1k likes and a thousand comments from fans and subscribers.

Kenyans have lauded the artist for the song which mirrors the current state of the country as others congratulated him for his growth in the music industry.

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