Chito- I am allergic to omena

Omena is a staple food among the Luhya and Luo community.

• Kwambox also said she hates the smell of Omena.

• Chito used to eat omena before he started getting allergic reactions.

Image: Kiss 100

Which type of food would you never be caught dead eating?

Morning Kiss co-host Chito Ndhlovu says he is allergic to Omena or what is known as sardines.

He says the reaction might be triggered by the high protein in the fish.

Sharing his experience with Sheila Kwambox,Chito hilariously shared

"I am allergic to omena. I used to eat but it started reacting, when I eat I get reactions immediately.

I think Omena reacts because of the high protein in it."

Chito however doesn't react to common fish such as Tilapia.

Kwambox also says she and Omena are not and will never be friends.

"I can't stand the smell of omena, but Ombachi's omena is dope, he can kalia me omena."

In the past different celebs have shared some of the foods they can stand.

For Nameless and radio King Maina Kageni do not eat avocadoes.

In a past interview with Classic 105, Nameless said he does not understand why people love avocados so much.

“I  don’t like avocados, I did not even know avocado is such a big deal.

I used to see my wife enjoying it so much but I could not understand what the fuss was all about .

Till I went to social media and found everyone saying avocado is bae.

I used to think she is weird till I  realized that it’s more like a movement.

After seeing that everybody likes it I decided to give it a try but I did not find its taste appealing.”

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