Why 'gojus' Kwambox has never kissed a man since High School

The radio presenter says the incident embarrassed her

• In her defense, Kwambox says they were just teenagers.

• The incident happened in form 3.

Sheila Kwamboka aka Kwambox
Image: Instagram

Morning Kiss presenter Sheila Kwamboka says she was suspended for kissing a boy in High school. She shared the hilarious incident with her new co-host Chito Ndhlovu.

"I was in High School when I got suspended for kissing a boy in form 3. There was an event that was to happen so we were cleaning the class when the kissing happened. He was my good friend I guess there was chemistry.

To date, I have never kissed another man because of the shame I brought my family."

Chito says instead of suspending her, the teacher should have sat her down and taught her the best way to Kiss.

Kwambox has also warned men with kids and baby mama drama to stay away from her.

The presenter was reacting to the drama revolving around Zari and Diamond. Sharing her opinion during today's Morning show, Kwambox said;

"There is so much to unpack from that show. If you think of dating someone with kids, watch Young Famous and African.

What is all this drama with Diamond and Zari and letting each other go? Ati whenever she does something she is disrespecting you? If you have kids, stay away from me," she warned.

Her co-host Chito Ndhlovu saw nothing wrong with the setting saying he loves Zari and Diamond's co-parenting style.

Over the Weekend Zari hit back at her baby daddy after he alleged she wanted a third child with him.

"Zari wanted another child with me. She wanted to get a surrogate to have the child," Diamond revealed on the show Young, Famous, and African.

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