Social media sites being used as platforms for spreading sexual content


• Tiktok and telegram coming up as apps notoriously used to promote sexual content distribution.

Image: Courtesy

With the coming of TikTok as a major league social media platform, a lot has happened.

From people becoming famous from showcasing talent to people using it as a platform for making money.

TikTok users have particularly taken up the live feature as the fastest method of making money. People can go on live and sell their products while others use it as a means of educating people depending on the kind of niche you have.

But it has become a concern that people are misusing some of these apps.Some have been using it as a platform to showcase their nudity and distribute sexual content.

They go on live and people send them money to perform specific acts.

This is something that can not be done on Instagram as they have quite strict laws on sexual content or nudity that can have your account closed or banned.

But Tiktok has become a loophole and people will be there gathered watching and paying for those lives done very late at night.

Some even go ahead and host the platforms for girls to be coming online to expose themselves and once they get paid, they also pay their dues to the host.

According to Tiktok guidelines, it's not acceptable to promote any kind of sexual content but it happens.

Telegram is the most notorious site used for distributing such content and any leaked sexual acts find itself automatically there before they land in the hands of the public.

Very many young people have found themselves drawn to this act of quick money-making by the use of social media platforms such as sex cams.

The Kenyan laws have defined laws against things like revenge porn which is sharing or leaking someone's private pictures and videos especially if it was non-consensual.

But most are wondering what will be done to deal with the social media platforms that are very major being used to share this kind of content.

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