'Kumbuka self-respect!' Willy Paul warns twerking ladies on TikTok

In February this year, Pozee advised men who want to get married to completely avoid the trap of 'sneaky' urban girls and instead go to rural areas.

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• In February, Pozee described Instagram and TikTok girls as poison and warned men against dating them.

Willy Paul
Image: Instagram

Musician Willy Paul has taken to his social media to show his displeasure with the behaviour of some ladies who often appear on TikTok twerking.

Pozee, who seemed to be unhappy with the twerking saying that ladies who shake their hips online often show a deep lack of self-respect.

"To tell the truth, these girls who shake their hips on TikTok so that artists can see and post, do they remember that there is something called self-respect?" the 'Umeme' artist opined.

Pozee said that what the girls don't know is that what they show to the artists is what those artists will come looking for.

They are then left blaming themselves for the bad decisions when the artist has already taken what he wants from them.

This is not the first time that the former gospel singer has shared his thoughts on TikTok about ladies online.

In February this year, Willy Paul advised his fellow men to stay away from women who are obsessed with social media.

In his explanation, Instagram and TikTok girls are poison and it's better to get a girlfriend from the village because the girls are 'spoiled' they play a lot of games and just chase money.

“One thing I have noticed about these Instagram girls is that they are all toxic. My fellow men, let's find meaningful women in the villages.

Tiktok and Instagram are just crazy. This minute you are with her, in the next few minutes you will see her in Mombasa and baba Kamau and she has changed her name," Pozee spat out advice.

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