Guardian Angel gushes about Esther Musila on 53rd birthday

The two have a 20 year age difference

• The couple has faced a lot of 

Esther is celebrating her 53rd birthday today
Guardian Angel with his wife Esther Musila. Esther is celebrating her 53rd birthday today
Image: courtesy

Kenyan gospel artist Guardian Angel and his wife Esther Musila are having a double celebration seeing as Esther is turning 53 and the joyous occasion marks 3 years since the 2 met.

Taking to his Instagram page, the gospel artist shared a picture of the two of them locked in a warm embrace while smiling brightly. The photo had a banner that read, "Happy birthday my queen."

Guardian Angel went on to talk about how beautiful their union has been as he praised his wife adding that she was his entire world.

"Can't believe it has been 3 years already!" started off with the artist.

He went on to add that the said year has been the happiest he has ever been highlighting how much he cherished his wife and their time together.

"It has been the best part of my life... loving on you is the sweetest experience ever! You rock my world queen. Blessings on your birthday Esther Musila, you are my everything," Guardian Angel's loving post read.

Replying to the post the mother of 3 went on to heap praises on her husband revealing that she actually began living life when she met him... the love of his life.

"My life began when I met you, my love," Esther told her husband.

in a file photo
Esther Musila with Guardian Angel in a file photo
Image: Instagram

Following the heartfelt warm message with, "It has been 3 years of bliss and I thank you for coming into it. You brought a whole new meaning to my existence. I love you, my king," the last of her message to the artist read.

Musila on her Instagram page also revealed that she and her husband had worked on a new song, a cover of one of her favourite Christian hymn songs to celebrate her new age.

Wishing herself a happy birthday the 53-year-old wrote, "I carry my age with grace and honor because I know God has enabled me to be on his wake-up list every single morning of my 53 years on this earth.

So I will keep embracing my days and living each day like it's my last. I wish myself a very happy birthday! May this birthday become one of the best birthdays of my life. I feel so favored to be so happy, healthy, and alive today."

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