Musila's daughter in tears after Guardian Angel's birthday surprise

Gilda turned 29 years old.

• Esther Musila's second born child Gilda Naibei turned 29 on January 21, 2023. 

• Guardian also had a beautiful message to Gilda.

Guardian Angel, Gilda and Esther Musila

Esther Musila's second-born child Gilda Naibei turned 29 on January 21, 2023.

The 52-year-old mother of three described her daughter Gilda Maua as the most beautiful baby girl.

Guardian also had a beautiful message for Gilda.

He posted on his Instagram page a sweet message to Gilda, praying for God’s blessing upon her life.

Guardian also mentioned how he loves his daughter (step).

“Blessed beyond measure. Happy birthday, G❣. @onlygilda I love you. God bless you for us,” read Guardian Angel’s message to Gilda.

On Saturday evening, while home with her family, the 29-year-old said her mum invited a photographer to their house and she kept wondering why.

While seated in their living room, a video of Guardian singing a happy birthday song to Gilda, in a cute video with Musila seated on his lap was played on their TV screen.

The video now on her Instagram page shows emotional Gilda shedding tears as Guardian is seen embracing her.

Gilda, who was holding her dog shed tears and her mother also gave her a warm hug as the other family members cheered.

She captioned the video;

"I've cried and cried. I was wondering why there was a photographer and we're just chilling at home with the fam, so I obliged to the 'pics' when this came on the TV anyway I love you guys @guardianangelglobal @ngenyi thank you ❤️."

Esther also made a special prayer for her daughter, asking God to bless and protect her in her new age.

She continued to say that she is proud of all the small and big achievements Gilda has managed to accomplish in her life.

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