Why Kisii men are in demand

Bananas contain the bromelain enzyme, that increases libido and reverse impotence in men.

• Kisii men were in the past feared for their anger.

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For a long time, Kisii men were feared by many thanks to their reputation for being rough and aggressive, and quick to anger.

With time this notion seems to be slowly fading and for very weird reasons.

There was a notion that most Kisii men are wife batters and most love solving issues with violence.

Well that is now a thing of the past, Kisii men are 

Most women are fighting on how to get their hands on Kisii men after it emerged that their bedroom prowess is over the roof.

Mwalimu King'ang'i says 

'Kamba's used to be in demand but sahi wamepitwa na wakisii." He joked.

Might this be because of the type of foods they eat?

The staple diet of most families in Central Kenya revolves around rice and potatoes.

Most are used to what many deem as ' Mashakura' hence they pay no attention to nutritional requirements.

Most Kisii men on the other hand eat legit food such as brown ugali, and traditional vegetables such as Managu, Sagaa among others.

Eating only rice and potato will lead to a lack of other nutrients such as proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals in the body, which can cause deficiency diseases.

Having grown in areas where bananas are grown, most if not all Kisii men enjoy taking bananas.

This can either be made as a stew, boiled, or eaten ripe.

Bananas contain the bromelain enzyme, that increases libido and reverses impotence in men.

 Also, they are potent sources of potassium and B vitamins like riboflavin, which increase the body's overall energy levels.

Wewe endelea kung'ang'ana na Njoro wako, sisi wacha tukimbie pale Kisii kabla soko ichafuke.

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