'Pata interpreter!' Diamond urged over his English on Young, African and Famous

The singer even got an English tutor to help him learn the King's English


• Some fans were seen teasing him for speaking English while others were seen congratulating him for trying to speak the colonial language.

Diamond Platnumz
Image: Instagram

The english of musician Naseeb Abdul Juma aka Diamond Platinumz in the second season of the reality series Young Famous and African has created differing opinions among his fans.

In a video clip of the series published on Instagram, some fans were seen making fun of him for his spoken English while others were seen congratulating him for trying to speak English himself.

Check out some of the comments below;

"To jump into my family because that's a frog until it jumps?? Poor in English," wrote Emanueldunia ending with laughing emojis.

"The language is the same, the pronunciation is different, that is, the English of a white person is different from what they speak in other countries, because Nigerians speak or even Indians, because he does not know English, the problem is his pronunciation, that is, if he speaks Kiswahili," Salumviatu wrote.

"In this series, let him speak Kiswahili, he is suffering a lot, man, even the one who listens to him is not drunk, he is just trying," Pinah_65 wrote, ending with laughing emojis.

"Tatizo Simba is forcing him to speak in American but he is fine,,,,very cruel," ajboy_boy wrote.

Roseamor wrote, "Guys....don't you just speak Kiswahili and have an interpreter so that things don't get complicated?..."

Whatever the case, the singer has come a long way since he emerged as a big star from the East African nation.

His English has gotten better and even though he struggles with enunciation, at least he's practising something that helps when learning a language.

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