Akothee: Don't die a faithful wife with an empty life

"Many women are broken and destroyed by relationships that are not worth their investment," the musician said.

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• The businesswoman opined that a self-aware woman cannot tolerate harassment in marriage.

Image: Instagram

Entrepreneur and musician Akothee who for a long time was introducing herself as the president of single mothers before getting married last month is back again this time giving advice to all women.

The multi-talented mother advised women not to allow even an iota of their time and space to be given to men to insult them.

The mom of 5 asked women to set limits on what is done against them and what should not be done against them from the beginning before the love is seasoned with salt.

"Never give a man a platform to disrespect you. Set things straight from the start letting him know what to do and what not to do. Many women are broken and destroyed by relationships that are not worth their investment,” Akothee spat out pearls.

The musician said that even if a woman has lived with a man for many years hoping that he will change and he does not show any signs of changing, she shouldn't continue to waste her time and instead give up and start their personal life.

"Yes, you may have lived together for many years, but Madam, Madam, if the years you have devoted yourself to thinking that he can change does not, take action, own your life, and move on. Humans can be very selfish. Don't die a faithful wife with an empty life," Akothee said.

However, before considering Akothee's advice, the artist gave a big warning saying that in the process of getting out of a relationship, one must first make sure that they gain financial independence. 

"But first get ready to work your Ass out and gain your financial independence💃. Many women are not qualified for the Art of ACCESS, CONTROL AND OWNERSHIP,” Akothee concluded.

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