Grace Ekirapa's never-before-seen pregnancy video will make you teary-eyed

The couple is excited their daughter is turning one

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

β€’ Pascal is also celebrating a birthday.

grace ekiraps daughter turns one
grace ekiraps daughter turns one

Yesterday, Baby Aj and PAscal Tokodi celebrated their birthdays with Grace Ekirapa showering her hubby with praise for being an amazing dad and husband while she was delivering their daughter AJ.

"TODAY😊😊 two very special people in my life celebrate their birthdays. One of them is My Samburu Star @pascaltokodi I saved this video because exactly one year ago today, I was getting ready to receive our bundle of Joy and her daddy made the wait fun as he danced for me and gave me all these endless kisses. 30 minutes later after this dance, He held his beautiful daughter in his arms and he continues to do it with so much grace and ease."

Giving insights into what kind of a dad Pascal is, Grace confessed he is the family favourite. She gave gratitude for having a supportive partner

"Baby, thank you for being a good human and above all a great father to our little blessing. The way you love and care for her is admirable and I know she knows how much you love her because clearly she prefers you to me πŸ™„ Nway happy Birthday honey. May you always have this smile on your face no matter what. May you always find a reason to celebrate because you are blessed and God's favor is on you. Shine Baby Shine 😘😘😘😘😘😘"

Ekirapa's tribute to her daughter made her fans almost cry. Ariah turns one year old, a special moment for the excited mother.

"This moment here was and will forever be the scariest time of my life. I was overjoyed because after nine months I was going to meet my heartbeat but at the same time, a million questions ran through my mind. I will not explain everything here but that cry from baby for me was the one thing I looked forward to more than anything."

The former Gospel TV host shared a video of the moment she delivered via CS, and how scary it was.

"I feared for the worst, I had all manner of thoughts running through my mind until I heard that cry and my doctor @dr.saudah.farooqui assured me she was okay. My Baby Jasmine Ariah, you might not understand this now so I will save it here so that one day you can read. I prayed for you, I desired you, I have fought painful battles for you, I have battled the worst thoughts for you because all I want is to create a world of Love, Joy, strength and peace for you against all odds."

Grace has told her daughter that she will be a fiercely protective mother;

"This world they say is cruel but this world also has people who love genuinely, people who are kind, people who are selfless and I want you to be one of those people. May you grow to be a beautiful lady full of wisdom, integrity, love for people and above all May you radiate Gods light. I love you and I Vow to protect you, provide for you, walk with you and lead you into the light that has preserved me this far and that is the Light of God. I will teach you His ways, I will pray with and for you and I will be here for as long as God allows me. Happy Birthday my Love."

Watch the video below;

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