Mulamwah apologizes to Kenyans for recent viral video

He has been accused of being insensitive at a time when Kenyans are struggling to pay bills

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

.Mulamwah has deleted picture showing off money
.He explains why he at times shows off

Comedian Mulamwah
Image: Instagram/Mulamwah

Mike Sonko a couple of days ago shocked Kenyans with a video showing off sh30million fitted in suitcases.

The angry politician was reacting after a relative told him he is broke. Several celebrities took it as a challenge.

Comedian Mulamwah took on the Sonko challenge, showing bundles of money while eating in a video which he has since deleted.

Kenyans while amused also took the time to point out to celebrities doing the challenge that they appeared tone deaf to the economic challenges Kenyans are facing.

Taking to his Instagram stories to explain why he showed off money as well, Mulamwah assured Kenyans that it is meant as an encouragement.

He was reacting to a fan who commented telling him that times are difficult.

"Niaje Mkuu niko na swali mi nimekua kwa ground stranglignt o make aleavign of which attiem haipatikani..nyi najua mnaishi poa hamna stress za kesho, cos you guys mnatuonyesha maganji zenye hata hatuezi figure out ni ngapi," the distressed fans shared.

He added, "Don't you guys think you are taking it too much?! Najua hauta reply but its ok message ishafika."

Mulamwah responded to the fans' concerns by saying,

"Pole sana mimi nimefuta zote kwa page zangu, ..nawaombeeni mungu nanyi pia yenu yanyooke. I post it for encouragement mtu aone its possible kuanza from scratch to somewhere, na pia kushow wale walisema we have nothing that vitu unafanya ni upuzi that we are something today," the comedian said.

mulamwah explains showing off wealth
mulamwah explains showing off wealth

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