'My machine is dead!' Sonko sadly admits after offering aid to pretty lady

Offers to assist in bail and legal fees of Imelda Mwangi.


• Mike Sonko offers to pay legal fees and bail for Imelda Mwangi who was arrested for destroying the boyfriend's car and TV.

Imelda Mwangi
Image: twitter

Mike Sonko the people's saviour has once again come out to offer his assistance. A lady by the name Imelda Mwendwa Kiguda was arrested on Monday for allegedly damaging her boyfriend's property because she caught him cheating.

The lady in question allegedly vandalised her boyfriend's car and broke his TV. When taken to court the lady was asked to pay a cash bail of sh100,000.

Mike Sonko took to express his disagreement on how the issue had been handled by those involved.

In a post on Twitter, he offered assistance in paying the cash bail by appealing to friends and family of the lady to send to him the court case number immediately.

Kenyans reacted to his post and most insinuated that the only reason Sonko offered assistance was that he had interest in the lady.

Alchemist@Superdeviant Now that's  beyond Philanthropy. Your generosity has clandestine agenda. Let the lady pay for the damages done unless she bought the screen and the car for that gentleman

B@_Nana_Kc Alaa.. Aty bail her out and meet legal fees.. Hii imeenda

Teddy Kimani@Teddykimany· Wewe sonko wacha kusupport vandalism kama unataka huyo dem jitetee bila kuchomea Boyz

Sonko responded to most of them saying that they should stop overthinking his assistance as his stuff was dead.

Mike Sonko@MikeSonko· Otiree. My machine is dead

He also requested any lady lawyer to pick up the lady's case and he will take care of the legal fees on her behalf.

He also took it to ask his fellow men not to punish their lovers if they end up damaging things or overreacting because they were found in the wrong.

This is not the first time Mike Sonko has offered assistance to a Kenyan in distress, he once paid a sh100,000 fine for a man who was caught stealing in Naivas Supermarket.

He can soon be nicknamed Kenyans' knight and shining armour as he is always on the lookout to help a common mwananchi.

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