Chef Maliha opens up on feeling overwhelmed as she strives to break Hilda's record

She is preparing for her home-cooking marathons to beat the current record holders.


• Chef Maliha Mohammed has opened up about how the preparations for the marathon are having a toll on her.

Maliha Mohammed
Image: Instagram

Chef Maliha Mohammed has started her preparation for beating the current Guinness world record holder for the longest Cooking Marathon which was recently broken by Chef Hilda from Nigeria.

She is set to hold different cooking marathons with different time frames.

While speaking to Mpasho's Ashley Otieno, Chef Maliha expressed the toll all this is taking on her.

She is the one in charge of coordinating everything from the staff who will assist to sourcing for items.

Chef Maliha stated that she feels very overwhelmed by everything.

The pressure is not just from people on social media but also since she has a short time frame to prepare for her first series of home-cooking marathons.

She also feels scared because she feels this is a huge feat she is yet to beat that has been set by her predecessors.

Chef Maliha said she has like 4 cooking marathons to hold, that is one per month till August.

All of them cost time and money and she is running up and down to be able to prepare for them.

She also mentioned that the previous record holders before her had inspired her and all she wants is to beat her record first by challenging herself.

The pressure also coming from social media is not making anything easy on her.

For Chef Hilda it took her 2 years to prepare for this cooking marathon.

In terms of looking for brand endorsements, to also prepare herself physically, mentally, and emotionally for this challenge.

Chef Maliha says people are expecting a lot from her and it has placed her in the spotlight.

Since she only has two to three months to be able to prepare adequately for her main home kitchen cooking marathon.

To her, she said the only way to beat haters is to silence them with success and that everything she is doing is just out of passion and the desire to be great for herself and not a competition as some people are making it seem.

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