Jovial addresses claim she's financially supporting new bae

The singer's new bae is handsome and being linked to someone else

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• He is linked to a famous content creator.

has revealed she'll be taking a social media break
Jovial. has revealed she'll be taking a social media break
Image: Instagram

Singer Jovial's dating life never fails to excite her fans. The 'Jeraha' hitmaker has a new boyfriend. She has been offering several sneak peeks of him, and he is handsome.

Their cute moments have however led to much talk on the streets that she is likely funding their lifestyle.

Taking to her social media, Jovial slammed cyberbullies for intimating she is his sponsor.

"We ni baby girl, unafaa kutreatiwa like a Queen," she began her online rant.

"Mi sijui ni nini watu wanaandika huko kwa blogs oh sijui chali yake anafanya hmm, na vile analipanga ma bill hadi nashikwa na aibu, you know like Im an artiste so I love good stuff."

The speculation that she is funding him is also from the fact that he is an ex of another popular content creator, and she too was alleged to have been paying for his lifestyle.

The claims appeared on Nairobi Gossip Club on their Instagram page where they were posted. Jovial denies being his sponsor.

"Ni**a* been paying bills hahahah aie manze like people are so judgemental on social media," she shared.


"Thing that they don't even know like Im not here to justify sh*** coz its not my place. Whatever people want to think, want to specualate, hiyo ni shauri yao.

Ni naskia utam, saa hii naskia utam yani na enjoy tuu look at my skin I am glowing mahn . Now listen to this hakuna mwanaume mgumu katika maisha if he is not spending money on you you are not the person to be spent on."

jovial dances with new boyfriend
jovial dances with new boyfriend

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