Identity of Jovial's new man astonishes Kenyans

The singer further shared the video with the caption Romeo & Juliet


• The video showed Jovial and the love of his life sharing a good time, and he was seen giving her a cheek as they both smiled at each other for the camera.

Jovial with her new lover
Image: Instagram

Kenyan recording and performing artist Jovial has just introduced her new man to social media in-laws and netizens are beyond stunned.

The 'Such Kinda Love" hitmaker had no time for a soft launch as she is ready to let you all know she is off the market.

Sharing several photos of her and her man vacationing in the coastal region of Kenya the two looked nothing but smitten with one another.

In one of the posts in her Instagram stories, the man comes up behind the artist and plants kisses on her cheek and neck as he warmly embraces her.

Jovial can't stop smiling from ear to ear as she continues to record the cute video. In another, she shared a video of them enjoying a meal by the Indian Ocean with the guy smiling broadly.

The artist went on to highlight that she deserved this good love and was super grateful for the happiness that came with it.

She also took a minute to encourage other people not to feel guilty when happiness comes knocking at their doorsteps.

"Whatever good that is happening in your life you DESERVE IT! That is the Lord's doing..." Jovial wrote accompanying the post with a love emoji and a blushing face.

Netizens however couldn't help but quickly notice that Jovial's new man is a face they have seen on their screens before.

Jovial with her new lover.
Image: Instagram

The guy identified as Mike used to date one of the hosts of TMI podcast... Murugi Munyi's close friend Lydia.

Lydia and Mike dated for a while before breaking up sometime last year. They didn't give their fans and followers a reason for their split or have drama surrounding it.

Netizens are divided on whether Jovial's new relationship is actually true or if the guy is a paid video fox in her upcoming music.

Others feel like Mike is a CEO in the character development unit and if they are indeed dating Jovial is in for a spin.

Below are comments from netizens reacting to the news:

Nairobi_silence: Ngonjeni kangoma 😂huyo labda ni vixen kwa hiyo ngoma 😅

im_winnyjoyk: Uyu si ni ex wa Lydia, eeei yawah; uzuri Jovial ashatengenezewa list of Therapist.

MrBradley__:Hii ni mchezo ya bahati nasibu😂😂😂😂hiyo ngoma atoe tu sikuizi hatunyimani views.

penina_nyoike: 😂😂😂tuseme huyu boy hupenda madem wakona pesa ndio awekwe😂 IYKYK

Sukie_beauty:Tulisema Kanairo is one big bedroom ama

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