Brilliant reason Jaguar has never had a rate card

The musician does not believe in restricting himself to a set amount as a musician

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The CAS has disclosed that he does not have a rate card because he is a businessman.

• He intends to find a solution to challenges in music industry.

Image: Instagram

Jaguar says he has been misunderstood for all the comments he has made recently including the Rich EA musician list, that has gone viral.

"Si matusi, maneneo ya kujibizana na Akothee nitaachaia KRG, namuheshimu lakini hajanishinda hata centi moja."

The ex-Starehe Mp told Mwende Macharia on Radio Maisha that he was often attacked for not helping Kenyan musicians while an MP.

He said artistes expected him to use the CDF to support music, but this was not what the allocation was for. He also defended himself against accusations that he never developed laws to support music.

"The route that they were using was wrong. Na watu wanasemanga naongeanga vibaya. I am not a representative of musicians. I was elected as the MP for Starehe. Ni wasanii wadogo sana wanaweza sema wamepitia ile safari nimepitia.

I struggled to make it as an artiste, nothing in life comes easy, pesa ya CDF sio ya kusaidia wasanii, pesa ya CDF kama nimechaguliwa kama mbunge, si ya wasanii."

On the matter of Royalties, he does not remember the last time he collected from the MCSK.

"Hata sifuatiliangi, it is so little but for skiza tunes I am getting. When I call for meetign with musicians, the ones who are doing well dont come. Wale walichezwa ndio wanatokeanga saa hizo.

That's why unapata mtu anacomplain about MCSK hapati pesa lakini muziki yake haichezwi and we have heard so many complaints.

There is KECOBO kuna PRISK, but what I am saying is that once we have a sit-down, there is a blame game between all these organizations."

He has urged musicians to do good music. "Nimesikia KRG amesema muziki haina pesa, but I am a witness it has alot of money ukijipanga na ukifanya muziki mzuri."

He disclosed how much money he has ever earned from shows.

"Back like 7 years ago, Safaricom live as an ambassador used to pay me like sh 6 million. I am a witness that music has a lot of money, ukijipanga na ufanye muziki mzuri. Nikujipanga."

He pointed out the problem with musicians. "Muziki ni biashara for instance if you call me to perform in a club with 200 revellers siwezi kukuambia unilipe one million.

I will ask kwa hivo hizo rate cards mimi sijawahi kuwa nazo. Nakuuliza sponsor ni nani kama ni kampuni before that tunanegotiate. I can even perform shows for as little as sh50k."

He says his flexibility has seen him earn 1 million in places like Rwanda. He says he is a businessman who believes in negotiating for pay, a tip he thinks others should use.

Jaguar addressed the issue of being too old to return to music.

"Hakuna mtu anakula space ya mwingine, I am not eating anyones space. There is no way that because I have released my song, that it will prevent yours from being played. Siwezi simamisha ile kitu napenda, it is my passion, si lazima upendwe nakila mtu."

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