Size 8 bows down to pressure, wears swimming costume

Size 8 was trolled for wearing full dress to the pool on Tuesday

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Size 8 now has a swimming costume after eliciting reaction

• The couple are on holiday for much needed relaxation

The outfit Size 8 wore to swim on holiday
The outfit Size 8 wore to swim on holiday

Pastor Size 8 has yielded to public pressure and donned a swimming costume.

The Gospel minister on Tuesday shared a video of walking into a pool wearing a full dress.

Her defense for not wearing appropriate gear? She said Pastors should be decent.

A day later and she shared another video with a costume. She pairs it with a sheer top. Dj Mo takes a dig at Kenyans saying "Hahaha Ndio tumeenda kufanya Ile kitu ya Jana sasa"

The couple in a video on Size 8's Instagram on Tuesday, May 16, walk towards the pool as her husband tells her they should change into swimming gear and enjoy the beautiful-looking pool.

Size 8 looks down at their outfit and says she doesn't need to wear a costume.

"I'm ready to swim babe, nita swin hivi, you know I am a pastor siwezi enda kuchange ma swimming costume so venye niko hivi babe niko decent enough to swim," she told him.

Size 8 picked up the long flowing dress to her knees and dipped in the pool.

Im decent enough, iko sawa" she added "unajua we are not supposed to show our bodies too much, so lazima tuingie hivi tuna ogelea"

"Hii ni stori gani maze" Dj Mo asks her about the ridiculousness of the situation. "Kuja we tuswim, we shida yako ni gani?" Size 8 blasts him, as he enters the pool fully dressed as well.

"Hii ni stori gani maze, hata ka ni kuwa pastor,"  he protests some more.

"Iko sawa babe, "Hata ka kuwa Pastor" he continues his rant and then decides to walk out of the pool, telling her to follow him out "he twende twende wacha tukachange" the spinmaster demands from his wife.

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