Size 8 shares never seen photo of hospitalization after her miscarriage

Size 8 suffers from preeclampsia and high blood pressure

•  Size 8 has so far had two miscarriages.

• She has two kids.

Size 8 in a hospital bed after suffering a miscarriage in 2021.

Size 8 also known as Mama Wambo has opened up about suffering a miscarriage in 2021.

This was caused by high blood pressure.

Sharing a photo of her still admitted to the hospital at the time shared

 "Looking back at this day, 2 October 2021.

I had just lost a 5 months of pregnancy, also lost all hope of any future pregnancies and I was battling for my life, almost losing my life due to extremely high blood pressure.

Am sitting here looking at this picture and am wondering how did I get thru all that? For sure only the hand of God brought me out of all that and also God graced me with a heart to press on and go on with life."

Size 8 says the constant battles for her life have made her appreciate the role of Christ in her life.

"This is one of the many reasons I preach the gospel of Jesus Christ for only by God's grace am alive this day fully healthy and strong.


Don't take life so causally, life is a gift from God, live your life to glorify the God who gave you that life to live."

Size 8 has in the past revealed she and her husband DJ Mo won't be having any more kids

The Mateke artist almost lost her life four times when she got pregnant with her four babies but death made away with two of her children before they would make it to full term.

Opening up about her grueling journey of welcoming two babies and losing two others, Size 8 told Vlogger Nicholas Kioko,

"I don't want a baby, that is now not for me. I have no plans at all because healthwise it is a threat. My blood pressure has been a major concern for me. My focus now is on doing the work of God."

The journey to get a baby has been punctuated with preeclampsia and high blood pressure that at one time left Size 8 paralyzed on the left side of her body.

She narrated how she nearly died while she was pregnant and suffered at least two miscarriages because of high blood pressure.

"With Wambo - her firstborn - I almost miscarried because of high blood pressure I had extreme preeclampsia. Then after Wambo, I lost another child because of the same condition, and after that, I gave birth to Junior."

She added, "Getting Junior almost killed me. I was paralysed on the left side of my body but by the grace of God he was delivered early, he was such a tiny little baby."

Size 8 then narrated her ordeal which was publicised last year, her last pregnancy that ended in a sad miscarriage.

"And then after that, I got pregnant the fourth time, again, I almost died. I think all of you saw. But unfortunately, my baby did not survive."

She continued, "Then even this year on March 7 my blood pressure was super high, it got to 236 so my doctors advised me that I need to give up on plans of getting a baby.

She noted, "By the way, I love children very much, if it was up to me, I would have up to 10 children. But I pray to God that he helps me heal so that I can stop taking medication to normalise my blood pressure."

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