The baby wasn't mine - Stella finally tells Freshly Mwamburi

Stella, the accused is giving her side of the story

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Stella was said to have played Freshly Mwamburi.

• The Stella cover (reply) has been done by an upcoming singer Kayte Melo (not the real Stella).

Stella Wangu hitmaker Freshly Mwamburi
Stella Wangu hitmaker Freshly Mwamburi
Image: courtesy

Every year on the 17th of May, singer Freshly Mwamburi recalls how a girl he deeply loved and sacrificed a lot for played with his heart.

That girl Stella had been to Japan, where he was paying for her education. She arrived at the airport with a baby and a Japanese lover.

The heartbreak he felt when he saw her lover, has always reminded Mwamburi of his terrible relationship.

Now things have taken a turn and Stella has released a song to explain that the baby wasn't hers.

Freshly was interviewed a while back and he gave his sad story.

"I was born in Taita, in 1963. I moved to Mombasa in 1968 where I schooled up to fourth form. I later joined Mombasa International Band and then Les Wanyika Band in 1983. "

He added music was his passion with Nairobi where he joined the airforce as an artiste in 1983.

The story of Freshly MWamburi seeing his girlfriend Stella arriving at the airport with a child by another man broke the hearts of his fans.

What made the situation worse was that Mwamburi had paid for her school fees, something that a lot of men do.

Kenyans call that character development. For Freshly Mwamburi that was in May 1992.

This past weekend, a TikTok video of user Miss Muihia, of Stella telling Freshly that he misunderstood the situation captured the attention of many.

In the song, Stealla tells her part of the story revealing she was returning to Kenya happy to reunite with Freshly.

While onboard the plane, she sat next to a Japanese man, his wife, and their child.

They shared their personal stories, and Stella added with pride and joy how Freshly had paid for her education.

When disembarking, Stella carried that couple's child, a decision she has come to regret.

According to her account, she noticed Mwamburi did not seem happy seeing her carry a child. "Niliona mpenzi kasononeka akainamisha kichwa chake na kuondoka kwenda zake" she sang.

He walked off in a huff.

Stella handed over the child to the parents and quickly followed Freshly to explain.

"Akainigia kwa gari lake na kuendesha kwa kasi mno nikitazama "

She helplessly looked on ad decided to write multiple letters appealing to him.

She felt bad and asked his friend to intervene, but it was too late. Mwamburi had moved on.

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