List of biggest clout chasers in Kenya

Celebrities who like attention just to boost their craft


• Clout chasing is deceiving the public, gaining shock value, then revealing that it was all a lie, and releasing a big project.

• Fans now bear the responsibility of separating lies from truth and reality.

Vera Sidika, Ringtone, Bahati, Amber Ray and Eric Omondi
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Clout chasing is deceiving the public, gaining shock value, then revealing that it was all a lie, and releasing a big project.

In social media circles, the line has been blurred - and celebrities are all about likes and follows. 

Fans now bear the responsibility of separating lies from truth and reality.

If it’s not embarrassing for celebrities themselves, it is for the fans that love and support them through their gimmicks.

Below are some of the celebrities who are known for chasing clout;

1. Eric Omondi

Eric is the most common culprit of clout chasing.

 The comedian has numerous clout-chasing tactics from his 'wife material' show to claiming that he had impregnated Shakilla with the latter posting a medical report to prove that indeed she was pregnant. 

Storming in the supposedly ‘wedding’ between Eric and Carol Kamweru of Bandbeca, Shakilla said her unborn child would not allow the wedding to be officiated. Later, Shakilla confessed that she faked the pregnancy.

eric omondi balloon outfit
Eric Omondi eric omondi balloon outfit
Image: Instagram

2. Vera Sidika

In October 2022, Sidika, who is adored for her hourglass figure and unapologetic personality had the whole entertainment industry talking when she pretended to have her curvy behind removed.

She took to Instagram to post a picture showing that her big bum had 'vanished'.

"The rebirth … This has been the hardest phase in my life, Due to health risks and complications, I had to undergo surgery. It’s still very unbelievable but I’ve come to terms with it and learned to love myself regardless,” 

This news brought confusion to her fans as some felt sorry for her and even went ahead to send her warm heartfelt messages due to the sympathy they felt.

After stretching the gimmick for days, Sidika released a music video, and her curvy body was intact.

Vera SIdika
Image: Instagram

3. Willy Paul

The singer always pretends to be in relationships with female artists before releasing a collaboration.

Earlier this year, he claimed that he was dating jovial after some time the singer revealed that it was just business and nothing more.

Willy Paul.
Image: Instagram/Willy Paul

4. Bahati

After losing in the Mathare election, the singer went quiet and nobody knew where he had gone and some assumed that he was depressed after he lost.

He had deleted all his pictures on his Instagram page and had purposively disappeared after the elections.

 Kenyans were worried about where the singer might have disappeared to, after the elections, only for him to note he would give an explanation on everything and he was just releasing a song.

Image: Instagram

5. Ringtone

Ringtone has always created scandals for himself before realising a song and it has always worked out in his favor.

Image: Instagram

6. Stevo Simple Boy

Rapper Stephen Otieno Adera alias Stevo Simple boy faked an entire relationship from the engagement ceremony to cohabiting for clout.

The singer's alleged fiancée Jenny Wangui would later confirm they are not dating saying their 'relationship' was just a PR stunt meant for showbiz.

"It was just showbiz and it's over," she later revealed.

Prior to her revelation, Stevo deleted all photos of Jenny from his Instagram account and disclosed that he was heartbroken.

Stevo Simple Boy.
Image: Instagram/Stevo Simple Boy.

7. Amber Ray

Earlier this month, Amber and Rapudo unfollowed each other and then archived all their Instagram post together just so that people would think that they had broken up and it just turned out that it was just a plan for their gender reveal.

Currently, the two are alleging to have broken up again.

Amber Ray
Image: Instagram

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