Sam West: Idleness leads people into sexual sin

Sam says he is still not used to same-sex relationships.

• He says some of the things Americans have normalized are still a shocker to most Kenyans. 

Sam West.
Image: Instagram/Sam West

Motivational speaker Sam West says idleness has led to increased sexual immorality.

Speaking during a forum held in the US where he currently is on a one-month tour, the father of one shared

"The reason most people fall into sexual sin is because of idleness.Keep yourself busy.

Idleness pushes one into sexual perversion, That is why nowadays same-sex relationships are very rampant."

Sam says homosexuality is a sin

"These things are not common in Africa. Homosexuality defies the natural order of things.This is God-ordained marriage to be between a man and a woman."

In the past Sam warned people to be careful who they sleep with.

According to him soul ties are real.

A soul tie is an intense spiritual connection between two people.

According to Sam West some people don't realize the problems they are going through is because of the energy they have received from their sexual partners.

" You should be careful about who you get intimate with.

 Soul ties unite you spiritually.Even the bible teaches us that if you sleep with a prostitute you become one.

When you have intimacy with someone you become married to them.'

How does one cut such ties?

"Mention them (Sex partners)  by name and revoke the soul ties. If you don't break them you keep getting back to that person.

Use a bible if necessary." Advised Sam

Sam West in the past said Kenyans need to rebuke the spirit of infidelity roaming in Nairobi.

He says that most marriages break once someone comes to Nairobi.

"There is a demon of cheating that surrounds Nairobi.

A demon of loving older women

A woman coming from Nyeri, Nakuru, or Mombasa might be saved but once she gets to Nairobi she starts cheating. The same woman might have been faithful for over 10 years.

 Nairobi atmosphere is controlled by sex."

Sam added that

"Matatus play sexual music. Radio stations talk about sex. Artists only love producing music revolving around intimacy.

People propagating sex come from the church. Club owners, event organizers, etc.

Some of these used to host major gospel events but now they are promoting usherati."

How do we control this?

"We need to fix the atmosphere in Nairobi for us to fix what is happening here.

It's time Christians revolt, wakifunua hii side (secular) tunafunika).

There needs to be a revival or a revolt."

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