Tanasha shares endearing video of Naseeb that will surely make Diamond proud

The singer shared a beautiful moment of the singer praying

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Tanasha converted to Islam three years ago.

• She was dating Diamond seriously with intentions to become his wife.

diamond and naseeb junior
diamond and naseeb junior

Naseeb Junior, the son that Diamond Platnumz shares with Tanasha Donna is growing to be a wonderful young lad.

The proud mother this weekend shared how they were spending time as mother-son. She appeared to be teaching him about their faith.

In a cute video, Tanasha records the young boy holding Muslim beads, reciting some words to Allah.

In Islam, prayer beads are referred to as Misbaha (Arabic: مسبحة mas'baha ), Tasbih, or Sibha and contain 99 normal-sized beads, (corresponding to the Names of God in Islam) and two smaller or mini beads separating every 33 beads. Sometimes only 33 beads are used, in which case one would cycle through them three times.

"Say subhana Allah," she encourages him to recite. He focuses on moving his little fingers across the beads, touching each bead.

tanasha donnas son praying
tanasha donnas son praying

Tanasha is heard in the background providing him with guidance on how to conduct himself in the prayerful moment.

He repeats what she says. "Now you say Allahu akbar," she urges him in a sweet moment.

In 2020, Tanasha converted to Islam while dating her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz. The news was shared in March of that year by Diamond's sister, Esma Platnumz, who disclosed that the Kenyan beauty had converted to Islam and even chosen a Muslim name for herself.

She called herself Bi Aisha. Diamond also spoke about her conversion and claimed that she did it in the hopes of becoming his wife.

"We were in Kigoma when she became a Muslim and I told Ricardo Momo (a manager at WCB) that if he pushes her to do it, I’ll pay him. He didn’t force her but he taught her. When she came to me to tell me that she wanted to change I told her to go and think about it and come tell me. So she told me that she was sure," she said at the time.

Even after their public breakup, Tanasha maintained her faith and now is helping her son practice the religion.

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