'You need to be checked mentally!' Tanasha told after making lovely post on son's account

The former model rarely posts on her son's page with the account only having 10 posts

• The mom of one doesn't play around when it comes to her son, Naseeb

Tanasha Donna and her son Naseeb
Image: Instagram

Tanasha Donna has had to deal brutally with a certain troll online after the person criticised the way she administers her son's Instagram page.

The mom of one had written a lovely message on her son's page (which she manages for him) where she and her son celebrated the end of Ramadan.

"Eid Mubarak from momsy and I. ☪️🤍🕌✨" she lovingly wrote.

Tanasha then quickly responded to her own post (uh her son's post) in the comments section with an appreciative message where she penned,

"Je t’aime mon fils ❤️" Which means (I love you my son in English)

But a certain keen (or petty) person called her out for not only making the initial post but also responding to it.

The person wrote, "This is your page, where you post your kid and write his captions, then log out and log in to your account to reply to your post. Girl you need to be checked mentally."

But the 'Jeje' singer was having none of it and proceeded to blast the critic noting that it was she who should be checked out, in a since-deleted response.

"Imagine being so idle to the point that you come to comment rubbish on a child's page because a mom is expressing love for her child. Mental illness is indeed real!"

Her response drew a lot of supportive comments from fans who said they agreed with her sentiment.

Read some of the comments below;

ridi_ngitighore ningekua wewe ninge delete hii comment just leave tanasha alone, whatever she decides to do with her accounts sio biz Yako smh

@maryln_wanjiru eti log out😂😂😂enyewe umaskini ni bad. Naseeb has his own phone, not only a phone, an iphone uko hapo na Tecno yako yapping. Nani karoga wewe?

sylviournelix maryln_wanjiru oooh unaumia si pia we uzae wako upost ukicoment

maggie_nyagah poor thing jealousy will finish you.we love TANASHA but you ,we don't even know you with your 28 FOLLOWERS😂

Naseeb is Diamond Platnumz's fourth child with his 3rd baby mama, Tanasha. He has the unique distinction of being the only son out of the 3 the Tanzanian superstar currently has, that has been given all of his father's names.

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