Interesting facts about Kenyan Tiktoker Yvonne Mugure

She is popularly known for her expensive lifestyle


•  She recently showed off her 12-bedroom posh mansion that left her fans wowed revealing that it was once used during the filming of Selina a Tv series.

Yvonne Mugure
Image: Instagram

Yvonne Mugure is a Kenyan content creator born in 1990 who has always been open to sharing receipts of how she spends her money and it never fails to amaze Kenyans.

Apart from being a content creator, Yvonne is an entrepreneur and an Influencer, and a marketing director at Westwick College a Kenya to America Program.

Mugure has a 151k followers on Tik Tok and 64k followers on Instagram.

She is popularly known on Tik Tok to be a spendthrift.

She lives with her millionaire mentor.

She is best known for her positive inspiring stories about Kenya and for sharing her Kenyan experiences revealing that she spent most of her early years in the US working and studying until one day she decided to go back to her home country and give back to society.

Below are some instances  that Yvonne has  posted receipts on how she spends her money;

1. She once paid 95,000 a night at Nairobi Hospital just to get bed rest since she was tired from overworking herself as she stated.

2. She recently spent millions on her shopping for groceries and personal stuff and after revealing the amount of money she spent most of her followers were shocked.

3. Spending half a million just to furnish her house noting that she was not even done.

Aside from her bougie lifestyle, the entrepreneur revealed in one of her videos that she once died and came back to life as she explained that she was hit by a white drunk truck driver and due to the truck's speed, she was rolled to the roof of the car where she stayed for almost half a mile adding that;

" It was strangers who helped me, I never got any monetary help from him, the person that hit me was a white man, I'm a black woman"

From the whole ordeal, M.S Mugure learned that;

" Your physical looks can change in seconds and also kindness is completely free"

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