Don't tempt me!! Samidoh warns fan suggestively dancing with him

Samidoh currently has two baby mama's.

• Samdoh currently has five kids.

• His last child with wife Edday Nderitu and that with Karen Nyamu are almost the same age.

Samidoh dances with a fan.
Image: Caren Nyota

Mugithi star Samidoh wowed many with his self control over the weekend.

This was after he gifted a lady who was suggestively with him 1000 bob to get off the stage.

Samidoh told her if she didn't he might end up bedding her and she might end up in Pumwani delivering his sixth child.

The father of five warned the woman not to tempt him.

In the video the woman is seen suggestively  dancing with Samidoh.

He jokes telling the lady 

"Utajipata Pumwani (You'll find yourself at Pumwani maternity hospital)," Samidoh told the lady. He later asked: "Huyu ananijua kweli (Does this lady one know me well)?"

He further  added 

"Usituletee temptation kwa hii kazi. Mimi nimetake after guka yangu, sikujangi na number mzuri. Mwenye alinikaribia hivo mara ya mwisho, sahii ananyonyesha."

(Don't tempt me. I took after my polygamous grandfather. One who dance for me like this last time is now breastfeeding," he told her.

Samidoh then gave the lady KSh 1,000.

"Unaweza kaakaa hapa ujipate Pumwani. Sasa badala ya hio maneno, wewe enda tuu uende kabisa," he said. 


Samidoh had recently revealed he is not getting any more kids as he is 'tired'

He was responding to a curious fan.

"Tunaongeza mtoto lini?"

In his response, he said; "Nimechoka."

Samidoh has five kids with his two baby mamas.

He has three kids with his wife Edday Nderitu and two with his bae Karen Nyamu.

Karen Nyamu hailed Samidoh for being a responsible dad.

She praised him saying despite everything,she would never have chosen a better dad for her two kids.

"I am very single but of cause me and him have children and one thing about the father of my children Samidoh is he might not be many things but he is a responsible dad," Nyamu said.

The nominated senator added that Samidoh does what he is supposed to do as a father whether she is talking to him or not, adding that even if she ignores him he still sends her money to cater for the kids.

"He does what he is supposed to do about the children whether or not I am talking to him. Ata nkimlenga akijua for example mtoto anaanza shule ata contribute, atatoa doh… As in hizi ni vitu yeye hufanya. Kwangu yeye huniangusha lakini hajawai angusha watoto," Nyamu said.

Asked if she will get Samidoh's replacement, Karen Nyamu said; "I don't put anything off my table and I don't check off anything. You never know nawezakuta kababaz nikapende sana."

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