Get Well kababa! Karen Nyamu and Samidoh spend time in Naivasha

The two are inseparable.

• Samidoh and Nyamu were in Naivasha for a tree-planting event.

• The couple has two kids.

Samidoh with his baby Mama Karen Nyamu.

Karen Nyamu seems to be having the time of her life with her baby daddy Samidoh.

The two were spotted together in Naivasha and we couldn't help but feel jealous of their closeness.

Samidoh hurt his leg and has been walking around in a cast.

Nyamu took to her socials to wish her baby daddy a quick recovery,

"Wiumie kababa, wa kahii ti wa kairitu, Get well soon our muthamaki." She captioned.

Later she posted another video indicating that Samidoh had been discharged from hospital.

"Yule mtu unapenda akitoka hosi (When the person you love gets discharged from hospital)🥳🥳Thank you God 🙏🏽," Nyamu wrote, revealing that Samidoh had since been discharged.

This comes at a time when Samidoh was days ago spotted beung cozzy with another woman while in a car.

The video shared on BNN Edgar Obares channel shows the musician leaning on the woman's shoulders as he tells her how beautiful they look.

Samidoh smiles widely and stares into the camera that she is holding.

The undated video shows the brown-skinned spectacled woman speaking to him in Kikuyu as he returns her beautiful affirmation words.

We hear him telling her that she is fertile enough to birth children as she giggles.

"You are meant to give birth," he says in Kikuyu as she mumbles, and he responds.

He then tells how much alike they look.

The similarity in their looks makes her blush "Nitwahanana" he says.

The woman's response is inaudible as he follows with his own comment.

Perhaps to wade off rumors, Samidoh has now taken to his Instagram stories to share a TBT picture with Karen Nyamu.

He showed a selfie of the two in a moment he referred to as taken in 2022. 

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