Bahati pleading with Diana Marua for 'time away from her'

The couple is back in Kenya from Dubai

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The couple was excited to come back to their children and also hinted at an upcoming reality show.

diana and bahati in dubai
diana and bahati in dubai

Diana Marua and Bahati are back from their trip to Dubai and spending time with their children. The YouTubers returned on Monday, March 20, and addressed several matters with fellow bloggers.

They then headed home to bond with their four children with both admitting in a video they missed home.

While it felt good to be back home, Bahati also wanted to take time to do his personal things. Diana would not hear any of it.

As he walks away, Diana asks him if he will miss her, "So utanimiss ama?" she asks Bahati who responds, "At times every man needs time away from their bae," he writes on his Instagram stories.

She follows that with a comment to make him feel bad, "Tanye wewe. Najua uko happy away from me," she retorts.

She adds, "You feel like you are going to breathe now I've been on your case, unafeel like can I get the hell away out of here," she insists as Bahati tries to close the car door.

"Unanifukuza sasa," Diana tells him

"Babe I need to go start working, I need to release a new song," he assures her.

She tells him to first tell her he loves her before closing the door. She pressures him until he reacts that;

"Your friends they should stop, should I say misleading you? Your friends like Caro they should stop misleading you ei bwana," But Diana tells him this is not the case.

Diana tells him that she is an expensive girl who must be maintained, revealing he bought her a sh 62,000 perfume at the airport.

"Thank you my boss I love you," she thanked him. Diana also wanted to be bought for a watch worth sh24,000. He said it was not budgeted for, and her demands are outrageous.

Check out some of the screenshots of their exchange below;

diana back from dubai trip
diana back from dubai trip
bahati buys diana perfume worth sh62k
bahati buys diana perfume worth sh62k

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