Bei ya kidney!! List of most expensive schools in Kenya

Most of these schools are attended by kids of expatriates (These are foreigners who are in Kenya for work.)

• Most of the students include kids of ministers, CS's,politicians and other high ranking people in the society.


In Kenya there are schools for the rich and schools for the poor.

Blame it on the economy or is it just fate?

In the book 'Animal Kingdom' the writer says that all animals are equal but some are more equal than others.

Most of these schools are attended by kids of expatriates (These are foreigners who are in Kenya for work.)

Below are some of the most expensive schools in Kenya. The yearly fee here is worth millions.

International School of Kenya

This is the most expensive school system in Kenya.

The yearly fee here ranges from Ksh 2,181,635 to Ksh 4,030,823


Yearly fees at Hillcrest range from Ksh 733,800 to Ksh  2,398,725.

Size 8 is among students who studied in this prestigious school.

Banda School

Yearly school fees at Banda School range from Ksh 210,600 to Ksh 2,089,800.

The school has a representation of 34 nationalities with the most common being the British.

Rusinga School

Yearly schools fees at Rusinga school are Ksh270,000 to Ksh 1,060,000

The school currently has around 750 students with a majority being Kenyans.

St Austin's Academy

The yearly fee at this school is Ksh 279,000 to Ksh 1,395,000.The school currently has over 500 students.


Yearly fee ranges between Ksh 2,194,530 to Ksh 2,194,530.The school has around 322 students.It also boasts of having 15 nationalities represented.


For your child to be in this school you must be willing to cough about Ksh 330,000 to Ksh 2,505,000.

The school has around 800 students in Karen Campus and 250+ in Runda Campus.

Crawford International School

The fee here ranges between Ksh 537,000 to Ksh 1,193,400.

The school has around 550 students.

Braeburn Garden Estate School

For your child to get the best education here, you must be willing to cough Ksh 718,500 to Ksh 1,989,600.

Most students here hail are Kenya, British, Italian, and Israeli.

Nairobi Academy

Yearly fees here start from Ksh 270,000 to Ksh 1,056,000.The school has 500 students currently.

Svenska Skolani Nairobi

Yearly school fees are Ksh 617,673 to Ksh 1,182,659.

Students come mainly from Sweden and other Nordic countries.

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